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Myers-Briggs — Meaningless

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Great article on Validity of Myers-Briggs.

Great quote

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“Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” — Abraham Lincoln*

*(source Skeptics Guide to the Universe – episode 300)

Great Blue Herons Nesting

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Our office building sits directly on the Chattahoochee River. Right behind the building is an island where Great Blue Herons nest every year. I’ve always wanted to try and capture pictures of them. I was up at the office this afternoon and noticed that they’re back and nesting. It was very overcast, and I got rained out before I could make it back with a tripod, but I did get a chance to try out my new lens. These are definitely the best results so far. Hopefully, I can get better shots on a day when I have more time.


Great Blue Heron - 9
_MG_4772 - Version 2
_MG_5231 - Version 2
_MG_4899 - Version 2
_MG_4866 - Version 2

This year’s trip to the Tetons

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Well, I recently returned from the Tetons.

I don’t really want to recount it much. I had been planning to take my sons with me to retrace my backpacking there in 2007. We also scheduled mountaineering classes and a climb.

Unfortunately, the combination of excessive snow pack at elevation and my being sick meant that we were not able to do much of anything we planned.

It was a major (expensive) disappointment.

We did get a few pictures from the activities we did participate in. I had planned to build a full site of our great adventure. Instead, I’ll just post a few pictures. They’re not all mine. David and Christopher both had cameras and captured some pretty nice photos.

You can view the gallery here.

Nature by Numbers

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I’ve been meaning to post this. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. I’m amazed at the work that went into putting this together…

Michael Specter TED talk

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A great TED talk everyone should hear…

RCA student radically improves the UK plug | ICON MAGAZINE ONLINE

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RCA student radically improves the UK plug | ICON MAGAZINE ONLINE.

Very clever, especially check out the adapter to create 3 outlets from one.


adapter 2

Wedding Toast

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In the spirit of posting interesting stuff I run into, (and the current trend of not finding time to really work on my blog)…

Hopefully you find this as mesmerizing as I did. Not exactly cheery and uplifting, but amazing work nonetheless.

Wrong Tomorrow – time vs. pundits

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Wrong Tomorrow – time vs. pundits.

I’ve seen this new site mentioned in a couple of blog posts now.  It will be interesting to follow.  I really hope it catches on and that there are good checks and balances to ensure accuracy.  We’ve reached a point where pundits know that the way to be heard is to make outrageous statements, knowing that rarely is anyone keeping up with these statements and following up on their predictions.  Imagine being able to track the accuracy of a pundits past predictions.

We’ve already seen a few doses of this on the Daily Show where they dig up footage of predictions and match them against current events.  John Stewart also, frequently catches newsmakers making claims about things they “never said” and pulls the footage of them saying just exactly what they just denied.  It would be interesting to see this brought to a large scale.

I haven’t really explored to site much to see how well they’ve executed the idea, but, as handy as is for getting the lowdown on urban legends, it seems that this could be invaluable if it catches critical mass and maintains real accuracy.

Seems like a great idea, so good luck

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