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Blood clot

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Three weeks ago I blogged about turning my ankle on a morning run and fracturing a bone in my left foot. This morning I had my follow up and mentioned some pain in my calf and hamstring. The doctor didn’t think it was anything but decided we needed to check for a blood clot just to “be sure”.
they scheduled a Veinous Doppler and sure enough, I have a blood clot.
One lousy false step on a morning run and here I sit in the hospital waiting room waiting to be admitted to treat a books clot now.
Guess it’s a good thing I mentioned it. It’s not the type of thing you want to ignore.
Will post update later.

One wrong step — No Marathon

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I’ve been training the past couple of months to run the Snickers Marathon in Albany Georgia. In spite of coming down sick and fighting a nagging cough, I was doing reasonably well. Then, on my morning run this Tuesday, I caught the side of the pavement wrong with my left foot and rotated my ankle. I guess I landed on the outside of my foot, though it felt more like I landed on the top of my foot. Over the past couple of years, I’ve done this a couple of times and it always scares me that I’ll sprain my ankle. So, I kept running but was checking out how my ankle felt. It seemed OK, but my foot did not feel so well. I tried to “run through it” for maybe a quarter mile, but decided that it just didn’t feel right, and since I had another seven and a half miles for my scheduled distance, I reluctantly decided I better take it easy, head home and get it checked out.

It appears that was the right decision. I went to the doctor, and the x-ray showed that I had a fracture of the 5th metatarsal. Diagnosis: wear stupid looking shoe and no running for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

Since the marathon is three weeks from today… that’s it for a marathon this year.

If you run marathons, or do any similar activity requiring a lot of training in preparation, you probably know how demoralizing this is.

Oh well…..

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