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T-Shirt Design

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I’m taking Christopher on another canoe trip this summer.  Since I’m not running right now, I have a bit of extra time on my hands, so I volunteered to work on the design of our T-Shirts for the trip.

Initially, I just couldn’t put my hands on clip-art that really captured these trips.  So, I decided maybe it was time to learn a bit more about using Illustrator.  I used pictures from previous trips as source material, even the moose skull.  This worked out really well.  Now all the people are “us” (the scoutmaster, Bill Storey, and David and Christopher figure prominently).



T-Shirt Back


T-Shirt Front

T-Shirt Front

Blood clot

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Three weeks ago I blogged about turning my ankle on a morning run and fracturing a bone in my left foot. This morning I had my follow up and mentioned some pain in my calf and hamstring. The doctor didn’t think it was anything but decided we needed to check for a blood clot just to “be sure”.
they scheduled a Veinous Doppler and sure enough, I have a blood clot.
One lousy false step on a morning run and here I sit in the hospital waiting room waiting to be admitted to treat a books clot now.
Guess it’s a good thing I mentioned it. It’s not the type of thing you want to ignore.
Will post update later.

A good day to remember

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My yougest son ran his first half-marathon today.  He’s 16 and ran cross-country this past year, so bumping it up from 3.1 miles to 13.1 miles was a real stretch.

He came down sick a couple of weeks ago and missed his longest training run, and I came down sick last Saturday and was laid up for about half the week.  It settled into my chest and I can’t quite get past the chest congestion that’s not letting me get a good breathe.  So, you can imagine, we were quite the pair.  We didn’t exactly set out with the highest expectations.  Honestly, I figured I’d just pace him through the first few miles and then have to drop out since I couldn’t breathe well.  We finally settled into a pace that didn’t exactly give us a time to brag about, but, given that I spent Wednesday in bed, and he hadn’t really had time to build back up from being sick, I’ll say we did pretty good.

Christopher had some struggles, but muscled his way through and finished.  That’s the farthest he’s ever run, and to say I was proud, just doesn’t cover it.

Ran a half-marathon with my son… does it get better than that ?  🙂

New Eagle Scout in Cargal clan

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Well, it’s official. Christopher (our younger son) went for his Eagle board of review this evening and is now an Eagle Scout. It’s something of a tradition in our family. My father was an Eagle Scout. My brother and I are Eagle scouts, and now each of our sons are Eagle scouts (Christopher’s brother David made Eagle a couple of years ago).

Christopher’s project was to put up signs giving directions in Providence Canyon State Park here in Georgia. Apparently, they were much needed. When we met with the ranger to decide on sign locations, we were constantly stopped for directions. It was much the same the day we returned to put up signs. So, if you find yourself in Providence Canyon, and you know where you are… 🙂

About the title…

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I had to think of something clever (and slightly ironic) for a blog name. How else can you be a hip blogger?

So if you feel like you’re stuck in a episode of a Bob Newhart sitcom, or “Green Acres” (well, with those references, I guess I just blew any pretense of being a cool, ironic, hip, young blogger), or maybe a Dilbert cartoon (yeah, that’s better), then you know a bit how I feel, and why I chose this title.

Incredulous; I find this is my reaction more and more often these days. There seems a constant stream of “things that make you go ‘huh?'”, so I find myself frequently incredulous of the things I see. I guess the question is, will I blog about them? I don’t really know. I suppose, if I don’t it will just leave you, the reader, what else..”incredulous” that I gave my blog this name and didn’t blog about those things. (How ironic would that be)

Hello World

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Well, here we go.  Who knows what I’ll blog about… mainly random stuff.
If you’re interested in following my blog, you should probably seek counseling for your condition

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