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T-Shirt Design

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I’m taking Christopher on another canoe trip this summer.  Since I’m not running right now, I have a bit of extra time on my hands, so I volunteered to work on the design of our T-Shirts for the trip.

Initially, I just couldn’t put my hands on clip-art that really captured these trips.  So, I decided maybe it was time to learn a bit more about using Illustrator.  I used pictures from previous trips as source material, even the moose skull.  This worked out really well.  Now all the people are “us” (the scoutmaster, Bill Storey, and David and Christopher figure prominently).



T-Shirt Back


T-Shirt Front

T-Shirt Front

National Geographic accepts PhotoShop blunder


Wow, I follow this pretty funny site called Photoshop Disasters.  There are very funny mistakes that people have made when trying to manipulate images in Photoshop.  This one, however, made it into a National Geographic competition (and was a Viewer’s Choice winner).  Some idiot tried to fake one of those shots where the sky is mirrored in the water, only he forgot that the mirrored sky should be…. uh…. mirrored!!!.

National Geographic contest Pohotshop blunder

National Geographic contest Pohotshop blunder

PhotoshopDisasters: National Geographic: Here’s Your Prize Cheaty McCheaterson.

(12-27-2008 update:  National Geographic has pulled the picture from the contest)

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