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Backpacking in Tetons backcountry

Backpacking in Tetons backcountry

I am Mike Cargal, but you probably surmised that from the address of my blog.

I am a Computer Programmer by profession. Actually, I manage programmers, business analysts, and testers, so I suppose I’m more appropriately “middle management” by profession. But who would claim that? Since I came up as a Programmer, and still do a fair amount of coding, more than my position is supposed to allow for :), I’ll call myself a Computer Programmer.

I work for TSYS, a credit card processor headquartered in Columbus Georgia.

I’m geeky enough, that I frequently spend time that I am not working, … programming, go figure.

Besides that I’m a grateful husband, and a father of two boys who will probably always underestimate how proud I am of them.

Other interests are generally related to the outdoors. I enjoy backpacking and canoeing, and, in order to document these experiences I have taken to photography recently.

In order to stay in shape enough for those activities, and in order to live long enough to be equally proud of my grandchildren, I’m also a pretty avid runner. As of this writing, I’m training for my third marathon. Actually, this is probably the fifth or sixth time I’ve trained, but it was the fourth time I started the training before I made it to the race without injury or coming down sick. I’m not very good, but it keeps me healthy and gets me outside regularly.

Along with this blog, I have a few websites that I’ve put together largely to document adventures for the group that participated in them.

A Northern Tier trip to Bissett (bissett.troop169.net)

An amazing backbacking trip to the Tetons backcountry (tetons.cargal.net)

A Northern Tier trip to Ely (ely.troop169.net)

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